Calling all IT Training Course Providers

If you were asked to provide Linux training courses, what would you say?

Linux ? Heard of it but ...

It's to complicated for me!

I would like to try but ...

I don't know where to start!

I've had a few requests but ...

Not enough trainees to make the session profitable!

I've already tried but ...

I had to cancel and I wasted my time!

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You don't want to give us your email address?
No problem! Click on the green arrow and read how to simply, efficiently and profitably sell Linux training courses right now!

Use the Linux University!

Simple! Efficient! Profitable!


Linux University pools Linux training sessions. Whether trainees come to understand Linux basics, learn how to administer Red Hat, Debian or SUSE, prepare their LPIC-1, LPIC-2 or SUSE CLA certifications or implement industry standard servers such as Apache or Samba, each one of them will find exactly what he or she is looking for! On top of that, each attendee gets a whole year's access to our online training platform, the Linux Campus, such that they may re-visit their course material and re-do the Labs and evaluations whilst all of the time keeping in touch with fellow trainees with whom they can exchange experiences and problems based upon their production environments. The Linux University content covers RHEL 5, 6 and 7, Debian 6, 7 and 8 and SUSE 11 such that trainees are able to implement solutions and effectively configure the most popular modern-day Linux distributions whatever the technologies involved and this immediately open completing the cursus. All courses come complete with significant hands-on Labs and examples to increase trainee comprehension and information retention as well as multiple tests and mock exams based upon over 500 carefully chosen and industry recognised questions. All you have to do is sell the program, bill the client and pocket your profit. We do everything else!


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Why use Linux University?

A good question! Here are a few good reasons ...


The consultant ...

Certified LPI Linux Server Professional, LPI Junior Level Linux Professional, LPI Advanced Level Linux Professional and SUSE Certified Linux Administrator.


Course pooling ...

No more worries about profitability : sell a course to a single client, invoice him, buy a seat at the University and make profit. As simple as that!


Built-in distance learning ...

No forgeting these courses : a trainee who does not use his new skill set immediately gets to come back and redo everything at his own pace online when he needs to!


Online campus ...

All the courseware and evaluations can be found in the University's online campus. Your trainee gets access to all the course material for a full year after the classroom session!

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You have a question? We have the answers!

Where do Linux Universities take place - at a competitor's site?

Non. Each Linux University takes place in an independant venue.

Will the Linux University get cancelled?

No. Provided we have at least eight trainees signed up for the same University.

In which cities are Linux Universities held?

London, Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg.

How do I buy a seat at the Linux University?

Call a member of our sales team on +44-(0)203 514 7461.

How long does a Linux University session last?

Each complete session lasts 10 days.

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Question 7 ?

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For further information ...

Call us today on +44-(0)203 514 7461.

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